Mercier Beauty provides one to one training for all its clients free of charge from the use of each product to in depth knowledge on the products. For all devices Mercier will provide operational training which will cover where appropriate the following;
- Procedures
- Pre Treatment
- Treatment Protocol
- Post Treatment Regime
- Anatomy of the Skin & Hair
- Basic Physics
- Light / Skin Interaction
- Treatment Contraindications
- Machine Settings

Mercier also works closely with training organisations to provide training in the following areas
- Creation of Intense Pulsed Light
- Characteristics of Intense Pulsed Light plus differences from Laser light
- Tissue interaction - Eye & Skin Exposure
- IPL Hazards & Safety Precautions
- UK Regulations
- Basic Anatomy of the Skin
- Reflection, Absorption and Non-beam Hazards & Precautions
- Relevant Standards, Quality Control and Equipment Management
- Skin typing & wavelengths /modalities suitable for darker skin types
- Treatment Applications such as hair reduction, treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, vascular and pigmented lesions, skin rejuvenation, and treatment of active Acne infection etc
- Suggested protocols for client assessment, patch testing, choosing correct settings, usual treatment methodology plus post treatment recommendations.